“Hourglass” A Poem by Chris Brunette

Good morning, fellow Corsairs, and Happy Earth Day! I hope you're going outside and enjoying the fresh spring air; and maybe doing a little writing. There are so many little writing nooks on campus, and now that it's warming out, those grassy fields are the perfect place to read and write in between classes. Today... Continue Reading →

“A Wilde Life”, An Expert of a Play by John Hanright

Hello fellow writers, and happy Friday! I can't believe the spring semester is already wrapping up and that there are only two more Submission Fridays to look forward to! This week, we welcome back John Hanright as he shares an excerpt from his play: A Wilde Life. John is a writer, student, actor, and activist.... Continue Reading →

Poems by John Hanright

Happy Friday, Corsairs! Today I'm excited to share two poems by John Hanright! John is a writer, student, actor, and activist. As a gay socialist, John realizes the revolutionary power of art, especially writing. He is currently working on a novella and a poetry chapbook. You can usually find him acting on Cape Cod stages,... Continue Reading →

“Thaw” A Poem By Aurora Barrett

Aurora Barrett is a graduate student in the Professional Writing & Communication program here at UMass Dartmouth. When she's not expecting her cat of murderous intent and teaching undergraduates the art of Business Communication, she enjoys slamming double shots of espresso and hanging out with her eight very spoiled chickens. Continue reading to enjoy her... Continue Reading →

“Spirit Cat” By Anonymous

Happy Friday, Corsairs! You made it through yet another week of our Spring semester. I'm proud of you! This week, the author of this piece wanted to remain anonymous. Spirit Cat Sir Copernicus found himself to be quite extraordinary, but he was just a cat, so what did he know. What he was completely and thoroughly sure... Continue Reading →

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